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1934 【The Wise Little Hen(唐老鴨首度登場,這部已是彩色、有聲卡通)
   【Orphan's Benefit

   【The Dognapper

1935 【The Band Concert(米奇第一部彩色卡通,故唐老鴨彩色化比米奇早)
   【Mickey's Service Station
(唐老鴨首次碰上反派 Pete,是和米奇一同遇

   【Mickey's Fire Brigade
   【On Ice

1936 【Mickey's Polo Team
   【Orphan's Picnic
   【Mickey's Grand Opera
   【Moving Day
   【Alpine Climbers
   【Mickey's Circus
   【Donald and Pluto

1937 【Don Donald(黛絲鴨首度登場,但在本片名字卻是預設為"Donna"
   【Migician Mickey
   【Moose Hunters
   【Mickey's Amateurs
   【Modern Inventions
   【Hawaiian Holiday
   【Clock Cleaners
   【Donald's Ostrich
   【Lonesome Ghost

1938 【Self Control
   【Boat Builders
   【Donald's Better Self
   【Donald's Nephews
   【Mickey's Trailer
   【Polar Trappers
   【Good Scouts
   【The Fox Hunt
(是重拍自 1931 年的【Silly Symphony】)
   【The Whalers
   【Donald's Golf Game

1939 【Donald's Lucky Day(唐老鴨首次單獨對上反派 Pete
   【Hockey Champ
   【Donald's Cousin Gus
   【Beach Picnic
   【Sea Scouts
   【Donald's Penguin
   【The Autograph Hound
   【Officer Duck
   【The Standard Parade
(本片是幫 Standard Oil 公司製作的)

1940 【The Riveter
   【Donald's Dog Laundry
   【Tugboat Mickey
   【Mr. Duck Steps Out
   【Put-Put Troubles
   【Donald's Vacation
   【Window Cleaners
   【Fire Chief
   【The Volunteer Worker

1941 【Timber
   【Golden Eggs
   【A Good Time for a Dime
   【The Nifty Nineties
   【Early to Bed
   【Truant Officer Donald
   【Old MacDonald Duck
   【Orphan's Benefit
(是重拍 1934 年的片子)
   【Donald's Camera
   【Chef Donald
   【The Reluctant Dragon
(這是一部合輯電影,收錄【Old MacDonald


1942 【Mickey's Birthday Party
   【The Village Smithy
   【Symphony Hour
   【Donald's Snow Fight
   【Donald Gets Drafted
   【Donald's Garden
   【Donald's Good Mine
   【The Vanishing Private
   【Sky Trooper
   【Bellboy Donald
   【The New Spirit
   【Donald's Decision
   【All Together
(本片是幫加拿大 National Film Board 製作的)

1943 【Der Fuehrer's Face(美政府授意唐老鴨對希特勒海報丟洋芋,得到奧

   【Donald's Tire Trouble
   【Flying Jalopy
   【Fall Out - Fall In
   【The Old Army Game
   【Home Defense
   【Saludos Amigos
   【The Spirit of '43
(是 1943 年【The New Spirit】重新製作的版本)

1944 【Trombone Trouble
   【Donald Duck and the Gorilla
   【Contrary Condor
   【Commando Duck
   【The Plastics Inventor
   【Donald's Off Day

1945 【The Eyes Have It
   【Donald's Crime
   【Duck Pimples
   【No Sale
   【Cured Duck
   【Old Sequoia
   【The Three Caballeros

1946 【Donald's Double Trouble
   【Wet Paint
   【Dumb Bell of the Yukon
   【Lighthouse Keeping
   【Frank Duck Brings 'em Back Alive

1947 Straight Shooters
   【Sleepy Time Donald
   【Clown of the Jungle
   【Donald's Dilemma
   【Crazy with the Heat
   【Bootle Beetle
   【Wide Open Spaces
   【Chip an' Dale
   【Fun and Fancy Free

1948 【Drip Dippy Donald
   【Daddy Duck
   【Donald's Dream Voice
   【The Trial of Donald Duck
   【Inferior Decorator
(煩人的蜜蜂 Buzz- Buzz 首度對上唐老鴨)
   【Soup's On
   【Three for Breakfast
   【Tea for Two Hundred
   【Melody Time

1949 【Donald's Happy Birthday
   【Sea Salts
   【Winter Storage
   【Honey Harvester
   【All in a Nutshell
   【The Greener Yard
   【Slide, Donald, Slide
   【Toy Tinkers

1950 【Lion Around
   【Crazy Over Daisy
   【Trailer Horn
   【Hook, Lion and Sinker
   【Bee at the Beach
   【Out on a Limb

1951 【Dude Duck
   【Corn Chips
   【Test Pilot Donald
   【Lucky Number
   【Out of Scale
   【Bee on Guard

1952 【Donald Allpecore
   【Let's Stick Together
   【Uncle Donald's Ants
   【Trick or Treat
   【Pluto's Christmas Tree

1953 【Don's Fountain of Youth
   【The New Neighbor
   【Rugged Bear
(森林大熊 Humphrey 首度對上唐老鴨,獲奧斯卡提名)
   【Working for Peanuts
   【Canvas Back Duck

1954 【Spare the Rod
   【Donald's Diary
   【Dragon Around
   【Grin and Bear It
   【Grand Canyonscope
   【Flying Squirrel

1955 【No Hunting
   【Bearly Asleep
   【Beezy Bear
   【Up a Tree
   【Lake Titicaca
(原是 1943 年經典動畫【致候吾友】的一段)
   【Blame it on the Samba
(原是 1948 年經典動畫【旋律時光】的一段)

1956 【Chips Ahoy
   【How to Have an Accident in the Home

1959 【Donald in Mathmagic Land(特別推出的數學世界歷險,獲奧斯卡提名)
   【How to Have an Accident at Work

1965 【Steel and America(這是幫別家公司情商製作的)

1966 Donald's Fire Survival Plan

1983 Mickey's Christmas Carol(聖誕節經典名著改編的的中篇電視動畫)

1987 Ducktales(由 Scrooge 和三隻小鴨主演的影集,唐老鴨有客串幾集)

1988 Who Framed Roger Rabbit(真人動畫【威探闖通關】,唐老鴨大戰達


1990 【The Prince and the Pauper(與經典動畫【救難小英雄續集】同時推出)

1995 【A Goofy Movie(迪士尼電影版卡通【高飛狗】,唐老鴨只是來客串)

1996 【Quack Pack(【唐老鴨新傳】最新的電視影集)

1999 Mickey Mouse Works(美國已經播出的全新米奇TV影集)
   Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas

2000 Fantasia/2000(【幻想曲2000】)